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Ragweed is a very common weed in our area and it is a serious health problem for people who are allergic to it. According to Santé Québec, one in five people is allergic to ragweed, so in our neighborhood, that represents several hundred people and we ask you to show solidarity and help those who suffer from it by eliminating ragweed on your property or on the curb adjacent to your property. Ragweed is not difficult to eliminate, especially during the July period before it begins its pollination cycle, but its impact can still be controlled simply by cutting it until the end of the season.

In our area, we find this weed especially on the edge of the street or in vacant lots. On properties served by a ditch, it is almost omnipresent on the part between the street and the ditch. Help us by eliminating this nuisance simply by pulling it out or cutting it as short as possible with your mower.

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