Association des résidents du Parc Champlain et des environs
Champlain Park and Vicinity Residents’ Association
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About the Association

The Champlain Park and Vicinity Residents’ Association was established in around 1967 with the goal of improving and promoting the quality of life of our community of over 550 households.  Each year, our Association organises several community events and provides a number of services to its members as well as representing them at meetings with public and political authorities.  In addition to organizing these activities, the Association communicates with residents through its Web site, its Facebook page and email send outs to inform residents on questions of common interest, such as urban development projects, public consultations and, of course, the activities organized by the Association.

Due to the demographic composition of the neighbourhood, the Association communicates with its members both in French and English, with the exception of the Facebook page where everyone is free to communicate using the language of his/her choice.

The Association receives annual funding from the City of Gatineau and has a paid annual membership which allows FREE access to all annual activities and which, along with sponsorships, constitutes the bulk of the 50% counterpart that it must provide to obtain municipal funding. However, in its discussion with public and political authorities, all residents are represented by the Association. In the course of the last few years, we have seen membership fluctuate due to residents moving and the difficulties keeping the membership email database up to date and collecting membership fees.  The new Welcome Kit is considered one way to help reach new residents and increase our Association membership over the coming years.

Examples of the issues the Association continues to work on and raise concerns about with city authorities, include reducing speed on our streets, the development of St. Malo Park and the addition of infrastructure, resurfacing of McConnell, the improvement of equipment at Allen Park, construction of sidewalks and bicycle paths, etc… The Association implicates itself also with other residents’ associations of the area on issues of common interest like traffic on the Aylmer Road, residential developments, public transport, etc…

Welcome to Champlain Park and its vicinity!