Association des résidents du Parc Champlain et des environs
Champlain Park and Vicinity Residents’ Association
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Newsletter – November 2020


The City of Gatineau has launched the last consultation on the new urban plan and the by-laws that accompany it. This plan will guide the development of our city for the next 10 years. The deadline for submitting comments is Monday, November 9th. Here is the link to consult the municipal documentation:

Our association has been involved since last March in the consultation process, in collaboration with the other associations of residents of Gatineau. These same associations have produced a 2nd joint mémoire (attached) which is currently circulating to the associations for their approval before it is submitted to the City on November 9.

At the same time, our association will also submit a short brief to raise 2 elements that concern our neighborhood and that we discussed during our last annual general assembly (see attached document).

As a reminder, our residents who wish can also submit their comments by November 9. Final approval will be done at the next city council meeting on November 17th.

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