Association des résidents du Parc Champlain et des environs
Champlain Park and Vicinity Residents’ Association
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Newsletter – April 2021

Easter 2021

The Association had organized an activity for families (in ‘bubbles’) in Saint-Malo Park to celebrate Easter, but unfortunately with the new sanitary measures in force in the region, for the second year in a row the Association had to cancel activities in person. Our head organizer did not give up and instead invited people to come and help themselves to chocolates in front of her house (contactless pickup), for young and a little less young. We look forward to having an activity in the forest trail at the park in the near future!

Annual General Assembly (AGM)

The Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, April 29. More information will follow. Please note that we encourage you to pay your annual membership fee to the Association ($20 per family, payable via PayPal on the Association’s new website). Participants who have not paid their dues will not be able, according to the Association’s rules, to vote at the AGM.

Association’s bylaws

During the AGM, two changes to the Bylaws will be submitted for approval. The first change deals with updates to the Association’s objectives while the second

modification aims at clarifying the quorum.


Survey – Outdoor fire pits

To find out if our residents would like the Association to approach the City of Gatineau and ask that it considers relaxing the by-law concerning outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, we are launching a short survey:

The survey will also be accessible through the Association’s Facebook group. Votes are confidential, please keep it to one vote by mailing address.


2021 Grant

The City of Gatineau has a Cadre de soutien to support the various community organizations including residents’ associations. Each fall, we must present a report for the previous year and our forecast of activities and our budget for the coming year.  We recently received confirmation that our request for $5,470 has been approved by the City Council for 2021.

Again this year, with this grant and memberships from our members, we will be able to offer a good range of activities and services to our residents despite the current pandemic.

Thank you to all members

We are blessed with an active community on Facebook and high participation at various organised activities. During our last email campaigns we have registered a readership above 60%. This is an exceptional participation level. The Association thanks you for your involvement in making our neighbourhood a better place. Thank you!